Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)



ALS has over 185 staff across 23 urban, regional and remote locations in NSW and ACT

ALS Executive

Lesley Turner 
Chief Executive Officer 
Nadine Miles    
Chief Legal Officer
Felix Orcullo
Chief Financial Officer

Regional Community Engagement Managers


Dale Bonham
Western Region

Paul Morris
Central South Eastern Region

Julie Perkins
Northern Region

Principal Legal Officers


Gemma Slack-Smith
Care and Protection Law Practice 
Family Law Practice

Chris Day
Criminal Law Practice

Jeremy Styles
Criminal Law Practice





Sarah Crellin
Deputy Principal Legal Officer
Criminal Law Practice





Michael Lalor
Senior Managing Solicitor


Practice Managers



Rob Roberts 
Work and Development Order Service
Family and Civil law referral


Michael Higgins 
Care and Protection


Leo Nickels
ACT Justice Programs




Jennifer Ledingham
Human Resources Manager 



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* Lesley Turner's photo was gratefully sourced from Indigenous X