Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)

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I need a criminal lawyer

Phone 1800 765 767 or 02 8303 6600


We can help. ALS will be notified by Police or the Courts if you are in police custody and need a lawyer. 

You can visit an ALS office anywhere in NSW and ACT to get a lawyer to help you.

Our criminal lawyers can help with:

Bail applications

Court appearances

Most driving offences

Resisting arrest

Police harrassment


Drug offences

Assault & battery

Robbery and theft


Indecent assault

Sexual offences



...and more



I need a care and protection lawyer.  I need a family lawyer.

Phone 1800 733 233 or 02 8836 3444


We can help. 

The ALS Children's Care and Protection Law Practice represents parents and children in child protection matters. 

We can help:

  • if your children have been removed
  • if you want to take a child protection matter back to court
  • if you want to appeal a decision
  • if you want to make a complaint about FaCS (used to be known as DoCS].  

The ALS Family law practice represents parents and families in family law matters. 

We can help:

  • if you are separating from your partner, husband or wife
  • if you are worried about the kids
  • if you want to find solutions as an alternative to going to court
  • represent you in family matters in court in Parramatta, Sydney and Wollongong (subject to a means and merit test).




The best thing about ALS lawyers

ALS lawyers are professional, experienced, and inspiring.

They fight to keep Aboriginal people out. 

They fight to win.

They fight to get children the right placements.

They help Aboriginal people get back on track.


Recent BOCSAR results (relating to Local Court finalisations in 2011) show ALS Criminal solicitors are doing a very good job at assisting Aboriginal people in the Criminal Justice System.

The BOCSAR results show that the Aboriginal community, including ALS clients:

  • fight more cases
  • win more cases, and
  • plead guilty less

than the general court population.

ALS represents a significant proportion of the Aboriginal community charged with Criminal Matters. ALS clients are well served by ALS solicitors.

We're proud so many Judges, Magistrates and 'influencers' have worked at ALS. We know our lawyers make a big difference to peoples' lives.