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ALS auspices tenancy advice services

23 Dec 2016

ALS will auspice the Western Aboriginal Tenancy Advisory and Advocacy Service and the Greater Sydney Aboriginal Tenancy Service located in Dubbo and Redfern respectively from 9 January 2017. ALS applied by tender to NSW Fair Trading and were successfully read more

New laws in NSW targeting cyclists - increased penalties

22 Dec 2016

Riding without a bike helmet, taking your feet off the pedals or riding through a red light may cost NSW cyclists up to $415 in fines. Anyone riding a bike in NSW must now have lights on the front and back of the bike if riding at night, always wear a bik read more

ALS assisting Yamba's youth through community events

14 Dec 2016

ALS and other organisations are involved in establishing programs within the Yamba community in NSW to address issues such as anti-social behaviour, recidivism, school suspensions and expulsions, and substance abuse. read more

Newborn baby removed and put into Care

13 Dec 2016

This case study tells the story of a newborn baby who was removed from her parents because of drug related issues. When she was born Tanya Lee tested positive to opiates in her system. She had been suffering withdrawal symptoms so the hospital began her read more

Ode to the field officer, by an ALS solicitor

07 Dec 2016

As solicitors in the ALS we often engage in discussion of the long hours and the heavy caseloads. We also like to hear the stories of the successes of our colleagues. read more

ALS recipient of Churchill Fellowship examining early intervention in child protection

01 Dec 2016

An ALS staff member has been officially confirmed as a 2016 recipient of a Churchill Fellowship. Gemma Slack-Smith, Principal Legal Officer of the ALS care and protection / family law practice applied for the Fellowship earlier this year. read more

Charges of affray dropped as case dismissed

30 Nov 2016

ALS Parramatta acted for two brothers charged with affray. The charges arose out of a large brawl at a Bowling Club. It was said to have started over a disagreement about wearing heels on the bowling green. read more

ALS in sound financial position

28 Nov 2016

The auditors have again declared ALS to be in a sound financial position. Each year the financial reports of our organisation - as presented in our annual report - are examined by independent auditors. read more

Sharing our story - Annual Report 2016

14 Nov 2016

We are very pleased to present our Annual Report 2015-2016 celebrating what we have achieved over the last twelve months of service. This year our Annual Report reflects our mission statement as we continue to strive for justice for Aboriginal people and read more


10 Nov 2016

A matter involving the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) is currently before the Fair Work Commission. read more