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Examining Aboriginal participation in child protection decision making

25 Jan 2017


ALS is partnering with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Faculty of Law to examine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in child protection decision making in NSW.

The ALS-UTS project team gained $44,000 from the Law and Justice Foundation NSW to complete the project with ALS primarily providing an in-kind contribution.

The Project aims to document compliance with, and breaches of, Indigenous families’ and organisations’ rights to participation in child protection decision making in NSW.

It also aims to define what meaningful participation from an Indigenous perspective means, and to develop practical ways to implement Indigenous peoples’ participatory rights in child protection decision making.

The Project will document Aboriginal peoples’ participation in child protection cases brought to the Children's Court of New South Wales over a six-month period in Sydney and in two regional towns with high Indigenous populations.

The Project will also document how participation has taken place in pilot projects and agreements that have been implemented over the two years prior to the case analysis.

It will draw on the experience of participants in the child protection process, in particular families and the organisations which represent them, to understand the barriers to meaningful participation and how these can be addressed.

The Project's Steering Committee members include the President of the Children’s Court of NSW, a representative of SNAICC, a representative of AbSec, a representative from Grandmothers Against Removals NSW, a representative from ALS, a representative from FACS, and the Project Team of Gemma Slack-Smith and Wendy Hermeston (ALS NSW/ACT) and Terri Libesman (UTS).



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